The Con Goes On

Two chilling stories on Rachel last night — one about the crime and one about the cover up.!#full-episodes

The crime or crimes are coming into focus as a complex interrelationship between Russian oligarchs and Trump business entities, whereby Trump is beholden to those oligarchs and their Russian government cronies to the tune of who knows how much; and the Russians thus have enormous access to and leverage over the President of the United States.  Not HAD — past tense:  HAVE.  The Con Goes On, folks.  The crime is not hacking the election — that was an added bonus.  The crime is the ongoing collusion between Trump and Russia that is borne of and inextricable from the President’s financial ties to the Russians.

How do we know all this? We don’t, not yet.  But there is reason to believe that the U.S. Treasury Department’s FinCen division has records that would go a long way toward building the case.  So here’s the news about the cover up:  as I predicted would happen in last week’s blog (horn-tooting, I know, but I did!, the U.S. Department of Treasury appears to be “slow walking” their response to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s request for these documents.   In other words, the Executive Branch Agency, headed by Trump appointee, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, might be obstructing the Legislative Branch investigation into the financial dealings that took place — AND ARE TAKING PLACE STILL — between Trump and Russia.

The con is ongoing.  Our democracy is at risk of being taken over by Russian controlled American oligarchs.

So I repeat, what is the remedy?

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