It Was a Good Week

There is no question that this Administration is facing some pretty tough headwinds these days.  Indeed, veteran political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell declared on Friday night that the Trump presidency is effectively over.

Whether you call that astute political analysis or wishful thinking, the withdrawal of the “TrumpCare” bill on Friday afternoon served as an appropriately weighty bookend to a week that began with FBI Director Jim Comey’s astonishing public statement that his agency was actively investigating ties between the Trump Administration and the Russian attack on our elections last year.

Trump and his folks have been hearing a lot of “no” lately:  no to the Muslim ban, no to the Wall, no to pushing the Russian hack under the rug, no to ushering Gorsuch in without a peep from Democrats, and now, incredibly, no to repealing Obamacare.

So yeah, it’s been a week.  A week at the end of which folks like all of us — who have been wringing our hands since the dark wee hours of November 9th — can deservedly give each other hugs and smiles on the side.  Because we know that the public hearing on the FBI investigation and the failure of “TrumpCare” and the promised Democratic filibuster of the Gorsuch nomination happened in part because of our persistence and patience and hard work.

Ever since those dark wee hours, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of us have banded together and fought for our country in exactly the way the Founders imagined we should:  by showing up in the streets, at the Capitol, in the State Houses, and at the offices of our elected officials.  By emailing and calling and writing letters and singing and dancing and sending pizzas.  We are a collection of loyal, optimistic, patriots who believe in the Democratic process and are not afraid to hold our leaders accountable to those ideals.

And so far, that seems to be working.

Yale Historian Timothy Snyder has been writing a lot lately about how to fight fascism in our midst.  He recently noted that “if everyone tilted against a windmill, the windmill would fall down, right? Party of the tragedy of Don Quixote is . . . he was also alone except for his faithful companion. We’re not really alone. There are millions and millions of people who are looking for that thing to do. Just by sheer math, if everyone does a little thing, it will make a difference. . . . And that little bit of engagement helps you realize that what you are doing has a kind of sense, even if it doesn’t immediately change the order.”

We all know what to do — pay attention, figure out what you’re passionate about and good at, do a little bit every day.  And we see that it works.  A week like this is proof positive of that.

But we also know that we need to keep doing it.  Last week was a good one.  What fresh hell will today bring?

Keep paying attention!

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