Look for the helpers

This isn’t the post I thought I was going to write today.  I’ve been working on a different one — a bit of a rant about the skewed priorities of the Justice Department, choosing to enforce mass deportations but not to pursue FBI investigations against General Flynn.  Not to mention the blatant interference by White House staff into Justice Department matters. Who is making these decisions, again I ask you?

But I’ve put that post aside, at least for now, because I want to pay attention to the energy I am expending and sending out into the blogosphere.  As the perhaps mythical “Robert” reminded us the other day, we have to remember to breathe,  and trust that others will sing; then we will sing and others will breathe.  It can’t all be outrage.

Today, my breath comes from Mr. Rogers:

Who are the helpers — the individuals or communities that act against their self-interest, or outside their expected role, to try to make a situation better, or at least less awful.  Here is who is helping me breathe today:

And that’s just off the top of my head.  There are helpers everywhere you look.  In addition to the list I’m keeping of communities harmed, I am now keeping a list of helpers.

Have a good weekend.

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