Foreign Affairs?!

Damage is already being done. In our lead package, G. John Ikenberry details the harm the administration is inflicting on the liberal international order. Philip Gordon traces how a continuation of the administration’s early course could lead to three different wars. And Robert Mickey, Steven Levitsky, and Lucan Way document the ongoing deterioration of American democratic norms and practices. (emphasis added by me)
Much of what Mr. Rose writes echoes concerns raised by members of the liberal and progressive media — including in these very blog pages.  What is extraordinary about these statements, though, is the forum in which they appear.  The Council on Foreign Relations and its magazine, Foreign Affairs, are decidedly not part of the liberal or progressive media.  (And I should know, I grew up under the benevolent eye of the magazine’s then-Managing Editor, Peter Grose!) And Mr. Rose makes that very point in the closing paragraph of his Editor’s Comment:
Foreign Affairs, as its editorial manifesto stated almost a century ago, “will tolerate wide differences of opinion.” As always, our pages and pixels are open to all articles that are “competent and well informed, representing honest opinions seriously held and convincingly expressed.” We will not hesitate to offer readers defenses of administration policy, such as the article by Matthew Kroenig that rounds out the package. But nor will we shy away from offering criticisms and warnings as appropriate. And rarely, if ever, have those criticisms and warnings seemed so urgent and important.” (emphasis mine, again.)
Couldn’t agree more.  And I am heartened to see that very smart people everywhere are as terrified as I am.  Stay tuned for new rounds of “Stupid or Nefarious?” in days and weeks to come.

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