Remember Music

I confess to being a bit worn down these past couple of weeks.  For those of you who have asked if their RSS feeds are broken, no, it’s just me.  I came back from the incredible high of the AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education, embracing the notion that we are indeed born for this time; eager to continue figuring out how my deep gladness can meet the world’s deep hunger.   And I still believe that, and am as committed as ever to spending as much time living in my vocation as I possibly can.

But right now, I just feel tired, and a bit discouraged.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that there now appear to be some grown ups in Congress and elsewhere who are paying close attention to Trump world’s efforts to subvert American Democracy, and working very hard to stop those efforts.  Which is not to say that we all can stop paying such close attention — on the contrary, I will be watching every word of Comey’s testimony tomorrow, and am very glad that Rachel Maddow is back at her desk.

I am discouraged, though, that it is all taking so long.  And that meanwhile, he is still the President, and Sessions is still the A.G., and Gorsuch is still on the Court; and the U.S. Government (not its people, or even all its states) still pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement; and Trump continues to threaten our alliances in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  etc. etc.  This is not a legitimate, democratically elected Presidential administration.  I don’t think there is much doubt about that anymore.  Why do they keep getting to act like one?

So I am tired and discouraged, as are many of you, I know.  But I’m not done; none of us are.  Sometimes, we just need a break, to regroup and figure out what comes next:  what is my deep gladness, what is the world’s great hunger, and how can part of my deep gladness feed part of the world’s great hunger? I am working to figure that out.  And as the resister known simply as “Robert” reminded us all back in February:

“Take a breath. The rest of the chorus will sing. The rest of the band will play. Rejoin so others can breathe. Together, we can sustain a very long, beautiful song for a very, very long time. You don’t have to do it all, but you must add your voice to the song.”

Let’s all take a breath.  And then, back to the music!