The Con Goes On

This weekend brought more evidence of the Emperor’s nakedness; the cynicism of his henchmen; and the dawning awareness among increasing numbers of townspeople that we are trapped in a terrible and dangerous con.

Trump tweets on Saturday morning, before 6 a.m., that his phones had been wiretapped by President Obama in November.  Interestingly – and I’m sure this is pure coincidence – Breitbart published a similar claim on Friday afternoon.  But this is about the secret wiretapping of a candidate for President, who becomes President-Elect, in his own home, on American soil. Surely the President of the United States gets that kind of information from his National Security Adviser, or from the Attorney General, or from his Chief of Staff, even.  Right?

Well, let’s see.  This president’s National Security Adviser had to resign for having lied to Congress; his Attorney General has had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and is also under pressure to resign for having lied to Congress; and his Chief of Staff is under a cloud for having put pressure on the FBI about how to talk about and whether to pursue the Russia investigation. So Breitbart is looking like a pretty likely source.  Especially when we remember our friend Otto, I mean Steve Bannon, whispering in the Emperor’s ear.

And how does con man/enabler James Comey react to this claim that his FBI might have engaged in illegal surveillance? Why, he tries to save his own skin, of course.  Henchmen enable the con only as long as it serves them.  According to senior American officials, Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s claim.  Says the New York Times, “Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected . . . because it falsely insinuates that the F.B.I. broke the law.”

Oh my goodness, one of the original henchmen is saying the Emperor has no clothes! Wow.  But wait, is James Comey saying that? In that same article, the Times notes, “It is not clear why Mr. Comey did not issue a statement himself. He is the most senior law enforcement official who was kept on the job as the Obama administration gave way to the Trump administration. And while the Justice Department applies for intelligence-gathering warrants, the F.B.I. keeps its own records and is in a position to know whether Mr. Trump’s claims are true. While intelligence officials do not normally discuss the existence or nonexistence of surveillance warrants, no law prevents Mr. Comey from issuing the statement.”

Interesting, right? Is he hedging his bets? We know Mr. Comey is not shy about deviating from the norm when releasing information to the public.  His October 28th Letter to Congress about “new emails” is what secured his position as one of the leading enablers, if not perpetrators, of the con.  So he could certainly make a statement himself about Trump’s assertions.  But he hasn’t, and nor has the FBI.

Indeed, Comey has not been much help in exposing the nakedness of the lie about our free election.  We know now that not only Flynn, and not only Sessions, and not only Paul Manafort and not only Carter Page and not only J.D. Gordon, but also Jared Kushner met with the Russians during the campaign and beyond; and that they talked about stuff they shouldn’t have talked about.  Thanks to the work of diagram makers and chart-fillers like the journalists at the Washington Post, we know all this now – we can see it with our own eyes.

So our representatives in Congress who specialize in National Security are trying to get the full story about the Russia-Trump connection.  The Intelligence Committee asked the head of the FBI – our friend Mr. Comey – to come testify on the matter in a closed door session.  He did so, for over three hours.  And he refused to answer their questions. Said ranking member of the Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), after the briefing,  “I would say at this point we know less than a fraction of what the FBI knows,”

Rachel Maddow interviewed Schiff on Thursday night after he had made that statement and asked “and the remedy for that is to subpoena the FBI, to compel them to give more information?” To which Schiff replied that “if this persists, I don’t see what option we have left but to subpoena the director.”

Let’s not lose focus, fellow townspeople. The con is still running, and is much more complicated than a fake suit of clothes.  These are powerful and resourceful con artists with a lot to gain and even more to lose.  We have to keep watching what the Emperor and his henchmen do and not be lured into the craziness of what they say.  That craziness, I believe, is part of the con.  Don’t get fooled.  Pay attention!