Short and Long Term Resistance

Today’s nut is about organizing our priorities.  For those of you who didn’t read the comments on yesterday’s post (“I feel hopeful today”), here is one from my brilliant sister (a Buddhist chaplain who ministers to men and women in maximum security prisons in California):

“I think it IS signalling that the vision for a multicultural America is strongly recognized by the corporate titans as the vision of the future, which at the level of vision and narrative is a very good thing. Hopefully signals that the Trump Admin and policies may in fact be a powerful, but last, gasp of a minority afraid of a changing demographic and the implications for its own place in the world. [That last gasp] can do a lot of damage, though, in the short to medium term…”

Every day, when I wake up,  I call my senators (both Dems) and thank them for their opposition to DeVos and Sessions and Mnuchin and Price.  I call my rep (also a Dem) and thank him for all his great work resisting the administration’s efforts to build a wall, impose a ban, repeal Obamacare, etc.  (I don’t reach out to other senators and reps because I’ve read the Indivisible Guide warnings that members of congress work only for their own constituents (if even that), and don’t care what non-constituents think.) Then I tend to my social media, sharing, responding, posting, amplifying those voices and energies that emphasize forward movement and positive interaction; turning down the negative energy and voices that call for destruction and violence.  And all that is good — necessary and important.

But is it sufficient?

Clearly, we need to be in this for the long haul — the soonest we can hope to see any real structural change is the mid-term elections, slightly less than two years from now.  And even if the Dems take back the House and Senate, we still have another two years of a Republican in the White House (even assuming impeachment, we are stuck with Pence, who in many ways is even more dangerous than the current President).  As my sister rightly points out, a lot of very damaging actions can be taken in those two-four years; actions that have the potential to undermine the rule of law and the functioning of our democracy for years to come.

So in addition to taking action every morning to stop, resist, protest the immediate actions of the Administration, what kinds of things are we doing to build long term resistance to the Administration and its water-boys in the House and Senate? Not to mention rebuilding the structures and systems that the people in power now seem intent on destroying.

And how do we decide — among the multitude of actions and opportunities — what to do and when to do it? Who should I call, what should I write, where should I sign up, how can I help?That’s my worrying nut for today.  I’ll continue tomorrow with some worrying on the notion of using clinical pedagogy/critical reflection to help make those decisions.

Stay tuned!