I feel hopeful today

At the suggestion of my spouse — who is smart about these things — I am going to blog a bit everyday about whatever nut I woke up worrying about or feeling excited by.  I want to be able to tell my eventual grand children what it was really like during the brief and dizzying time known as “The Trump Administration.”   And I want to be able to say, “this is what I did to hasten its demise.”  Keeping a record is almost always a good idea.

So here is today’s nut:  capitalism, when fueled by social responsibility, is a good thing.  Take last night’s “Big Game” — but more specifically, the commercials.  I didn’t watch the game, but I know what happened (big Patriots fan in the family, so these things do matter); I didn’t watch the commercials, but I know what happened.

What happened was:  smart corporations (Budweiser, Audi, 84Lumber, Airbnb, to name a few) appeared to use their precious Superbowl ad minutes (which I hear are exponentially more valuable and expensive than regular old ad minutes) to make subtle and not-so-subtle statements about Trump’s immigration ban.  Does that mean those corporations are opposed to the Executive Order and/or to Trump’s “plans” to build a wall? Maybe.  Some of them, anyway.  But for sure what it means is that the marketers at these smart corporations are paying attention.  Their ads tell us that these smart marketers believe that the majority of the people watching the Superbowl — i.e. the majority of the purchasing public — i.e. the majority of the American people — are opposed to the Executive Orders and/or plans to build a wall.

Given how much every second of airtime costs these corporations, I’m betting their marketers do a lot of research — reading the tea leaves, looking at the polls, listening to focus groups.  The fact that these are the ads that those marketers concluded were the most cost-effective and efficient — having, as my marketer spouse has taught me, the highest R.O.I. — gives me hope.  Not so much hope that I am going to stop calling the Capitol Switchboard every day, but hope.

That’s the nut for today.